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Advisory Board


The purpose of the Advisory Board is to help the Executive improve the quality of Pension Investment Academy seminars and to make them as relevant as possible for pension fund managers and trustees leading to the development of more relevant and efficient management, a better understanding of investment processes and eventually, improved performance.

Guy Coughlan May 2018.jpg

Guy Coughlan

Valuation Programme Executive & Former Chief Risk Officer, USS    

2015 trevor cook 2_edited.jpg

Trevor Cook

Executive Director, Specialist Pension Services  


Fred Jaffe

Executive Director, Pension Fund Investment Forum 

martin mannion oct 14.jpg

Martin Mannion

Head of Trustee Services, John Lewis Partnership  

opkar sara 2017.jpg

Opkar Sara

Head of Investment Strategy, BP Investment Management    

Kevin Wade.jpg

Kevin Wade


Tilba Anna.png

Dr. Anna Tilba

Durham University Business School

Bayes Business School.jpg
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