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Event Details:

Infrastructure – Right Investment for

Pension Schemes?


January 29, 2020 

Cass Business School

Delegate Fee:

Free to Trustees and Pension Executives

Issues to consider:

With the Government encouraging pension funds to invest in UK infrastructure, we will look at some of the investment opportunities available in this sector and their risk/return prospects.


  • Is Infrastructure the right investment for pension schemes?

  • Do pension funds need a Government initiative to gain access to this asset class?

  • Is Government pushing for investment in infrastructure for its own reasons or does it really make sense for pension funds to invest in long term projects that may be illiquid?

  • Should very long term projects like Nuclear Power be on the agenda?

  • What are the potential benefits of investing via the Government plan compared with existing commercial opportunities?

  • With an expected increased supply of infrastructure over the coming years, could this potentially create market dislocations with negative consequences for pension funds?

  • Does investing in UK infrastructure make sense for long term institutional investors such as pension funds, particularly from a risk/return perspective?

  • Will investing in infrastructure provide sufficient returns and diversification benefits, and to what extent should any portfolio be global rather than UK focused?

  • What are the key governance challenges to investing in infrastructure?

  • Will we see new structures coming to the market?

  • In the current low interest rate environment what is the most appropriate way to invest in infrastructure – Debt or equity?

  • Can Infrastructure really act as a bond substitute? 

Key Speakers:

Butani Anish 2019 bio.jpg

Anish Butani


Synnott Alan.png

Alan Synnott

BlackRock Real Assets


Chris Lewin

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries


17.00 – 17.30    Registration

17.30 – 20.00    Seminar

20.00 – 21.00    Drinks Reception/Light Buffet

Opkar Sara 2017_edited.jpg

Opkar Sara - Chairman

BP Investment Management

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