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Susan McIlvogue

Hymans Robertson

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Sammy Cooper-Smith

Rothesay Life

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Antony Barker

The Pension SuperFund

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Martin Mannion

John Lewis Partnership Pensions Trust

Long Term Journey Plans - Does it make sense

to hold Index Linked Gilts at current yields?


May 29, 2019 

Cass Business School

Delegate Fee:

Free to Trustees and Pension Executives


Pension funds are maturing and need to look beyond returns at what they need to do over the long term to ensure that all of its members will be paid. This seminar will look at how you can best design a journey plan to achieve the required level of funding, as well as the options for de-risking. We will also have a panel of providers to discuss the merits of each option.

  • How do you meet the funding requirements – do you focus on cash flow or liability management?

  • How do you ensure you integrate the strength of your sponsors covenant into funding and investment decisions?

  • Traditional strategy was to hold Index Linked Gilts but does that make sense at the current yields? If not, what are the options?

  • What are the Pension Regulator’s new expectations on Long Term Funding Targets

  • Monitoring arrangement and triggers

  • What are the best de-risking solutions – consolidators, insurance buy out/buy in, fiduciary managers?

  • How does a fund become transaction ready?​

Key Speakers:


18.00 – 18.30    Registration

18.30 – 20.30    Seminar

20.30 – 21.00    Drinks Reception/Light Buffet

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