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Fees, Cost and Transparency – 
Latest Developments & Practical Considerations


September 30, 2020 


Delegate Fee:

Free to Trustees and Pension Executives



In a low return environment, understanding and controlling costs and fees is essential, but now in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis how has the focus changed? How can pension funds and trustees ensure they have all the information they need to make the critical cost vs value judgement of their investments? With increased regulatory focus on costs, fees and transparency, in particular with recent FCA and tpr initiatives for assessing value for members in both DB and DC schemes, just how should this be done in practice?

Topics we will aim to discuss include:

  • What are the latest developments and practical considerations surrounding cost, charges and transparency? What focus has Covid-19 created?

  • How has the potential for scams during the current crisis impacted the need for transparency and what are the practical considerations pension funds should be taking?

  • What exactly is the Cost Transparency Initiative, and will it actually deliver on its goals?

  • Can you actually get the data needed from your managers to assess value for members effectively?

  • What does good value for members look like?

  • How can trustees better understand the costs and charges across all their services including consulting and administration?


Key Speakers to date:

Anna Tilba - Chair

Associate Professor in Strategy and Governance, Durham University Business School

mel duffield.jpg

Mel Duffield

Chair, Cost Transparency Initiative

Malcolm Hunt

Head of Portfolio Solutions, bfinance

Louise Wilkinson 09.20.jpg

Louise Wilkinson

Forensic Cost Accountant, RPMI Railpen


16.50 Registration for 17.00 start – ends 18.00 (approx)

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