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Virtual Event Details:

The Role of Real Assets for DB and DC Pension Schemes - Diversification, Return Provider or Protection against Inflation?

November 24, 2021



Delegate Fee:

Free to Trustees and Pension Executives


In today’s environment where growth is low and positive returns hard to achieve, can investing in real assets offer pension schemes the potential to generate robust risk adjusted returns and a reliable source of income and cashflows? Given the uncertainty on inflation, can exposure to real assets provide any protection against rising inflation? How should DC schemes consider investing in Real Assets within their portfolios/default funds? Our speakers will explore:

  • How should Real Assets be considered within a Strategic Asset Allocation policy and how much should schemes  allocate to different types of Real Assets?

  •  What role can real asset play in de-risking strategies in DB schemes?

  •  What spectrum of real assets should schemes consider now and which offer best value?

  •  What role can real estate and infrastructure play in pension fund portfolios?

  •  Should schemes be concerned over liquidity in an asset class such as Real Estate where demand outstrips supply,   particular in terms of funds that are closed to new monies?

  •  Will investing in Real Assets provide sufficient returns and diversification benefits, and to what extent should any     portfolio be regional/global rather than domestic focused?

  •  Is there really an illiquidity premium that can be harvested today from Real Assets?

  •  What are the key governance challenges to investing in Real Assets?

  •  How do you consider ESG issues when investing in Real Assets?


Key Speakers so far:

Guy Coughlan May 2018.jpg

Guy Coughlan - Chairman

Valuation Programme Executive, Universities Superannuation Scheme Limited (USS) and Member of the PIA Advisory Board

Grant Patrick.jpg

Patrick Grant

Co-Head of Long Income - Alpha Real Capital 

Andonov  Aleksandar.jpg

Aleksandar Andonov

Associate Professor of Finance, Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam

Johnson Aleck.jpg

Aleck Johnston

Head of DC Investment Product, USS


17.15 Registration for 17:30 until 19:00 

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