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Buy-in, Buy-out, Consolidation - What’s Driving Trustee Decisions and What Options are really Available

May 25, 2022


Bayes Business School

Delegate Fee:

Free to Trustees and Pension Executives


  • Just what options are available for schemes and trustees as they consider long term journey plans and de-risking?

  • How effective are they today given the current economic and investment environment?

  • Consider buy in, buy outs and consolidation and look at the attraction or otherwise of each approach given current economic and investment environment?

  • What legal and practical issues including data management need to be overcome?

  • Are there any additional challenges for smaller schemes?

  • What is an effective investment strategy for your chosen approach?

  • Can holding illiquid assets be a help or hindrance on your chosen journey plan?


Guy Coughlan May 2018.jpg

Chair: Guy Coughlan

Valuation Programme Executive, Universities Superannuation Scheme Limited

Ian Cormican 05.20.jpg

Ian Cormican

Partner, Sacker & Partners LLP

Wellard Richard.jpg

Richard Wellard

Partner, Hymans Robertson LLP

Adolfo Aponte.jpg

Adolfo Aponte

Managing Director, Cardano

New Timings: from 08.45 to 10.15, light breakfast followed by tea/coffee

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