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Event Details:

Asset Allocation in a World of

Negative Interest Rates

November 25, 2020


Delegate Fee:

Free to Trustees and Pension Executives


The Covid-19 crisis is causing huge economic and financial market disruption globally and negative interest rates appear to be here to stay, but just what does this mean for strategic asset allocation? How should pension fund’s incorporate risk management surrounding a world of negative interest rates into their long term funding targets, now required by TPR.


  • What are the short, medium and long-term outlooks for interest rates and inflation?

  • What are the key challenges for setting a long-term funding target and strategic asset allocation policy today, given the low interest rates and the very real prospect of interest rates staying low for longer?

  • How should pension funds consider setting strategic and tactical asset allocation today, particular within their fixed income portfolio?

  • Which asset classes should schemes consider investing in today?

  • How do you decide on an appropriate long-term objective?

  • How should you decide on any hedging strategy you put in place given the low interest rate environment?

Key Speakers:

Andrew Clare 05.20.jpg

Andrew Clare - Chair

Magnox Electric


Paul Brain

Newton Investment Management

Arcari Chris.jpg

Chris Arcari

Hymans Robertson


Erik Britton

Fathom Financial Consulting


15.50 Registration for 16.00 start – ends 17.00, followed by informal discussion


Real Return. Flexibility to navigate unpredictable markets - Newton Investment Management 

Flexibility to navigate unpredictable markets - Newton Investment Management

Beyond the pandemic: Part II - Newton Investment Management

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