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Event Details:

Fees, Cost and Transparency – Latest Developments & Practical Considerations

January 26, 2022



Delegate Fee:

Free to Trustees and Pension Executives


Outline Programme
•    Cost, Charges & Transparency Update 
•    What does good transparency mean? 
•    How can better transparency help mitigate the increased risk of pension scams, especially in light of Covid-19? 
•    Consideration of the recent FCA & TPR initiatives for assessing value for members
•    What exactly is the Cost Transparency Initiative, and will it actually deliver on its goals?
•    Can you actually get the data needed from your managers to assess value for members effectively?
•    What does good value for members look like?

•    Do pension funds focus too much on explicit costs such as disclosed/declared asset management fees and not enough on the ‘hidden cost’ of investing?
•    How can pension funds ensure that returns are not reduced unnecessarily by costs and high fees?
•    What strategies can trustees and employers use to help them identify, benchmark, monitor, manage and understand both visible and ’hidden’ operational and administration costs?


Key Speakers:

Mel Duffield 01.22.jpg

Chair: Mel Duffield

Pensions Strategy Executive

USS Ltd and Chair of Cost Transparency Initiative

Alison Leslie.jpg

Alison Leslie

Senior Investment Consultant

Hymans Robertson LLP

Jacqui Reid 2022_edited.jpg

Jacqui Reid



Vanisha Thanawala_edited.jpg

Vanisha Thanawala

Head of Execution Oversight

USS Ltd.


08.45 Registration for 09:00 until 10:15 

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