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Event Details:

Climate Change & Disclosure Requirements –

Focusing on Long Term Opportunities and

Risks while meeting Short Term Milestones

May 26, 2021


Delegate Fee:

Free to Trustees and Pension Executives


With pension scheme under increasing pressure, in the short term, to meet regulatory demands on managing and measuring Climate risks, how can you ensure you also focus on the potential long term implications for your pension fund and investments of climate change. Our speakers will aim to provide insights on the dilemma between the short term regulatory requirements vs considering the long term implications. We will aim to discuss issues including:


  • Long Term - How is Climate Change actually going to change the outlook for returns?

  • Where will you find the best climate change investment opportunities?

  • How can you best minimise risks within your existing asset allocation?

  • How should you consider the implications for scheme liabilities and the covenant of sponsors?

  • What opportunities are there for Scenario Planning and Risk Measurement?

  • TCFD Disclosures requirements – Practical Issues for Trustees to consider now.  

Key Speakers so far:

Guy Coughlan May 2018.jpg

Chair: Guy Coughlan

Universities Superannuation Scheme

Ralph McClelland 2.jpg

Ralph McClelland

Sacker & Partners LLP

McAllister, Lloyd 2021.jpg

Lloyd McAllister

Newton Investment Management


15.50 Registration for 16.00 start – ends 17.00, followed by informal discussion

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