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Event Details:

Potential ‘Surge on Inflation’ – Medium/Long Term Outlook on Inflation and Implications for Portfolios

September 29, 2021


Bayes Business School

Delegate Fee:

Free to Trustees and Pension Executives


We will look at the outlook for inflation and interest rates in the short, medium and long-term and the resultant implications for pension funds. With the recent inflation figures being higher than expected, will this be transitory as many have suggested, or are we seeing a structural shift to towards rising inflation for the medium/long-term?

We are delighted to have our Keynote speaker as Manoj Pradhan, Chief Economist, Talking Heads and Co-Author of The Great Demographic Reversal: Ageing Societies, Waning Inequality, and an Inflation Revival discussing the issues of inflation with particular links to demographics. 

Our speakers will focus on:

  • Examining the likely impact of an inflation surge and, if so, would it produce a 'real' rates shock on portfolios and would it be transitory or a long-term problem?

  • Why has there not been higher inflation as might have been expected from academic theory?

  • What is the possibility of rising interest rates, especially at the long end of the curve?

  • What does any inflation move mean for risk assets and will it continue to create ‘asset bubbles’?

  • What hedging or interest rate protection strategies should you put in place?

  • Advising which assets or strategies you can invest in, to provide a good hedge against inflation today.

  • Look at Demographics/longevity and implications on inflation

Key Speakers so far:

Andrew Clare 05.20.jpg

Professor Andrew Clare

Magnox Electric and Professor of Asset Management, Bayes Business School

Pradhan Manoj.jpg

Manoj Pradhan

Talking Heads Macro

Mulhern Brendan.jpg

Brendan Mulhern

Newton Investment Management


17.00 Registration for 17:30 until 19:15 with a Drinks Reception until 20.00

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