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Fiduciary Management & Outsourcing Solutions – Latest Developments especially Post CMA Review

March 30, 2022


Bayes Business School

Delegate Fee:

Free to Trustees and Pension Executives


  • How has Fiduciary Management evolved in light of CMA review carried out a few years ago?

  • Retendering processes – how is this going and are schemes really switching or staying with incumbents?

  • How can trustees really understand the value they receive from fiduciary managers?

  • How can you measure the success or failure? How did Fiduciary Managers perform during Covid-19 crisis?

  • What role can fiduciary management approach play and does it add value after costs relative to an in-house approach or using traditional investment consultant?

  • What are the key pitfalls to avoid when selecting a fiduciary manager?

  • What is an appropriate measurement metric for a fiduciary manager?

  • With newer models such as an ‘Outsourcing CIO’ now being used, what options are available for schemes and how should they evaluate the merits of these? 

Key Speakers:

Andrew Clare 05.20.jpg

Chair: Andrew Clare

Trustee and Chairman of the Group Pension Scheme Investment Committee, Magnox Electric and Professor of Asset Management, Bayes Business School

Ralph McClelland 2.jpg

Ralph McClelland


Sackers & Partners LLP

Helen Prior bio.jpg

Helen Prior

Client Director


Brown Roger 2022.jpg

Roger Brown

Founder & Director

IC Select

New Timings: from 08.45 to 10.15, light breakfast followed by tea/coffee

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