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Advisory Board Members

Trevor Cook


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Trevor Cook

Executive Director

Specialist Pension Services

Trevor is an Executive Director of The Pension Investment Academy. He is also founding director of Specialist Pension Services Ltd. and managing director of SPS Conferences, as well as a co-founding executive director of the European Pension Fund Investment Forum (EPFIF). He has worked for and advised Pension Funds and other investment institutions throughout Europe and in the United States. Trevors career started at the Legal & General Assurance Society, and progressed through Swiss Life Insurance & Pension Company to GEC where he became Assistant Pensions Manager in charge of scheme administration. After a brief spell with Lonrho, Trevor joined Maxwell Communication Corporation and subsequently transferred to The Mirror Group as their Pensions Manager. He left Pensions Administration to start Specialist Pensions Services in November 1992. Trevor started organising events for the pensions industry in the spring of 1993.

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